Double Mercury Entertainment Pty Ltd
Based in 'The Arcade' Melbourne, Australia

Founding date:
April 21, 2015


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Smog Game

Level 2 of 'The Arcade'
71-75 City Road
Southbank 3006

+61 405 969 276


Smog Game is an award winning eco-themed colour matching endless runner for the iPhone and iPad, which shows children the benefit of reducing their 'Smog' carbon footprint. Created by environmentally minded Australian teenagers, Josh Caratelli and Liam McLachlan, they hope to inspire other kids to get started developing their own games and caring for our fragile eco system.


Josh Caratelli (Company Director/Gameplay Programmer)

Josh has only just turned eighteen, but coming up to his fourth year in the game development industry he’s already begun to make his mark. At the early age of fifteen he achieved his first game credit through contract work with Big Ant Studios on Rugby League Live 2 (XBOX 360/PlayStation 3). Since then he has been fortunate enough to undertake short stints of work at various studios, both locally in Australia at Straight Right, Pub Games and also internationally at Obsidian Entertainment. Josh was a Develop International 30 Under 30 Honorable Mention in 2014 and also speaks regularly at events such as: PAX Australia, Oz Comic-Con and the Education In Games Summit

Liam McLachlan (Lead Artist)

Liam is also only just eighteen, but he's been practicing 3D Art for well over four years. Using the Blender3D modelling package and a keen eye, he's able to give life to his creations ranging from small prototype models made in an afternoon to fully rendered environments which span over several weeks of work. His creativity extends beyond the virtual world and spills over into cardboard craft for 'Box Wars'. Over several months he creates intricate cardboard weapons and armour (which have to be seen to be believed) for both himself and for contract work for 'Box Wars' promotional advertising.

Double Mercury Entertainment Pty Ltd

Together as teenagers in their element and in between university studies they form Double Mercury Entertainment, with their debut iPhone/iPad eco themed, colour matching endless runner: Smog Game.

STEM Scholarship | http://www.smog-game.com/#stem-scholarship

Both Josh and Liam are aware they've had a lucky break and together they have decided to pay it forward by donating the STEM Challenge $1000 charitable cash prize to his high school (Elwood College) to create a scholarship to promote and inspire women and disadvantaged students (STEM minorities) into games development to become the next generation of developers.



STEM Challenge 2014 Winner Interview Vimeo

Smog Game Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "NOMINATED: Representing Australia in APICTA Awards, Sri Lanka" - TBD November 2015
  • "WINNER: Australian National Secondary iAward." - iAwards 2015
  • "WINNER: Victorian State Secondary iAward" - iAwards 2015
  • "WINNER: PwC's People's Choice" - STEM Challenge 2014/ PAX Australia 2014
  • "WINNER: Group Advanced." - STEM Challenge 2014/PAX Australia 2014

Smog Game Official Website
Official website for Smog Game http://smog-game.com.

PC Mag Aus | STEM Scholarship we created
Press coverage for the scholarship we created to attract women and disadvantaged students into STEM au.pcmag.com.

Organizations which have helped Smog Game a reality smog-game.com.

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Josh Caratelli

Liam McLachlan

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